So the kids have been in school for two full weeks now.  Keep in mind that they had a nanny who only spoke Spanish in the US,  so they have been hearing it their entire lives but the Spanish here is VERY different.  Driving home from school the other day, we decided to ask Ads … Continue reading Si

Groundhog Day

Today marks two weeks since we arrived in San Martin.  It does seem a bit like Groundhog Day since we do pretty much the same thing with minor variations every day.  The sun comes up late here (8:30am) and on top of that, Argentina is just a late country.  People don’t even think about going … Continue reading Groundhog Day

Why Blog

I am putting together this blog so that those of you who are interested in following our journey over the next year or so can get updates…simple as that.  My goal is to make this a real account of our experience, not an overly flowery version.  To be clear, these will be my musings from … Continue reading Why Blog